What was your daughter’s condition? Allergies. My daughter Adrianna had breathing problems since birth. She was always sick. At age 4 she became sick and the congestion was just getting worse.

What steps had you taken previously to get help? Everything! Nebulizer, inhaled steroids, oral steroids, max antibiotics- nothing cured her last bout. She was sick for 4 months. Had more tests than I can remember. Pediatrician said they were going to do a lung biopsy and then I left the hospital and came to see Dr. Joni.

In your words what did the Acupuncturist do? Joni tested her for allergies and found she was very allergic to milk. After being sick for 4 months she was better in 48 hours! I am still amazed at the transformation. She is now a healthy, active little girl.

How has she improved? Adrianna went from almost NEVER being well to being healthy most of the time.

Words of encouragement to others: If your problems or children’s problems are not being solved, or if you desire a more natural, less invasive cure rather than treating symptoms then please do try Acupuncture. I shudder at how my daughter would be today without Acupuncture.

Michelle R, 2009



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