Low Back & Hip Pain


What was your condition?
Pulled my back out picking my grandson up to put his shoes on.  Also recovering from fractured right hip.  Pain was extreme in the lower back extending almost to the waist.  Also because of severe constipation had X-rays taken to see if there was intestinal blockage.  X-ray showed spinal column badly out of line.

What steps had you taken previously to get help?
Saw Internal Medicine specialist regarding intestinal blockage and since barium enema showed no blockage, decided to try chiropractic.

In your words, what did the chiropractor do?
Original examination showed spine out of line.  Dr. Kroll made adjustment which relieved the pain considerably.  He also said some of the pain was muscular, so it would take a little longer.  However, I was able to move much more easily and without limping so badly.

How have you improved?
Very well.  Only an occasional limp (mostly in cool, wet weather or if overtired).

Words of encouragement to others:
I had no idea of how chiropractic worked, but I was in such pain I’d have tried almost anything.  I went hoping for relief and got much more than I expected.  I feel chiropractic is very much a part of holistic medical treatment.