Chronic Pain

What was your condition?  Chronic knee pain.  Inability to walk up or down stairs x 25 years.  Diagnosed variously as arthritis, congenital bone deformities, sports injury.

What steps had you taken previously to get help?  Sports medicine, rheumatologist, Vioxx, exercises.

In your own words, what did the Acupuncturist do?  Within 2 visits, my motion was markedly improved.  Within 3 weeks, I had no further pain or swelling or limits.  Three years later, I am still pain free & running!

What are your hobbies?  Reading, crosswords, movies, biking, beach walking, swimming

How have you improved?  Everything is different!  I was old before time, not able to function in a healthy way.  Today I can do all the things I want to whenever I want.

Words of encouragement to others:  Joni Kroll is amazing -encouraging, kind, and above all, very skilled.  I never thought I’d be able to feel this good, move this well, live a normal life.  I even go dancing!  I did NOT believe this would work -I was talked into coming.  I am so glad I limped in this doorway!  Thanks Joni!

Debbi W.,  2005