Chronic Headaches

What was your condition?  Chronic headaches, migraines, muscles spasms in neck and shoulders for a year.

What steps had you taken previously to get help?  Chiropractic, physical therapy, muscle relaxers.

In your own words, what did the Acupuncturist do?  Dr. Joni treated my neck and shoulders, head and jaw.  My headaches improved after a few treatments.  If I have acupuncture once a month, I don’t get headaches.

How have you improved?  The pain relief has improved my quality of life immensely!  The acupuncture is also relaxing, and improves my mood.  I feel happier, calmer, and more optimistic.

Words of encouragement to others. I initially was anxious about “the needles.”  I wasn’t sure if I “believed in” this type of treatment.  But I was desperate, and open minded.  Now I am a complete believer in the healing power of acupuncture!  I look forward to my treatment each month and being “restored” to wellness.

Annette C., 2005