Back Pain

What was your condition?  Sore lower back -unable to stand erect and/or walk properly unaided -extreme pain.

What steps had you taken previously to get help?  Physical therapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, codeine

In your words, what did the acupuncturist do?  Relieved the pain (previously only achieved through high doses of codeine and other addicting pain killers.)

How have you improved?  I am able to walk and perform all tasks I was previously doing prior to the injury.

Words of encouragement to others:  I have never had such quick and sustaining relief with any other method I’ve used before.  What would have taken over a month to cure (and lots of pain Rx) took only a few sessions.  Had I known the effects and success of acupuncture before, I could have saved myself lots of pain and money.  Acupuncture is now my healing method of choice and I intend to use it for all medicinal purposes.  Mahalo a nui loa.

Sue -Patient 2005