Erin Shook, D.C.

Dr. Erin Shook, D.C.

Dr. Erin Shook, D.C. recently joined Kailua Wellness Center and brings a diverse skill set in leadership and in health.  Dr. Shook has expanded her experience and connections worldwide with doctors and professionals advancing the healthcare paradigm.  When all fields of healthcare work in the best interest of the patient, miraculous results can be seen.  Dr. Shook looks forward to continuing to use her experience and knowledge in the Kailua Wellness Center’s efforts of providing the highest quality of health care to individuals within the community.

Dr. Shook grew up in the mid-western state of Wisconsin where at a young age was able to establish personal connections with professionals in an array of healthcare fields.  She has worked alongside physical therapists, cardiologists, surgeons as well as chiropractors.  These interactions encouraged growth and provided a wide knowledge base within the healthcare system.  Observing the impact one individual can have on another individual’s life through their health is the reason Dr. Shook pursued her career in chiropractic.

Dr. Shook noticed it was through the chiropractic profession where a patient becomes more aware of how their body works and what it means to their  health when they were not functioning properly.  Chiropractic looks at a patient as an individual and seeks ways to restore proper function on his/her individual basis.  Chiropractic patients were observed to have an overall higher quality of health and well-being, and Dr. Shook knew this is how she could make the biggest impact on a person’s life.

Dr. Shook is Passionate about Chiropractic for:

Learning Disabilities including Autism Spectrum
Expecting Mothers
Stress, Fatigue and Burnout


Other areas of experience include treating patients with:

Sprain and Strains
Shoulder/Hip problems
Low Back Pain
Rib Pain