What was your son’s condition? Asthma attacks, constant colds at least twice a month. It seems as if he was always sick. Really bad wheezing. Every time he got sick we were in the emergency room till the wee hours of the early morning getting him steroid shots to open his lungs, nebulizer treatments and chest x-rays.

What steps had you taken previously to get help? Nebulizer, albuterol, steroids, inhaler.

In your words, what did the Acupuncturist do? The first time we brought him in was the morning after we had just spent all night at the emergency room because he had a really bad asthma attack. He was very listless and breathing really hard. Within two days everything went away. Usually when he gets sick it’s for about a week and a half and then he’d get sick again. She uses the laser light on his points…no needles and he is totally ok with it.

What are his hobbies? He is a very very active little boy. He is very high energy and loves doing anything that uses any of that energy. Loves going to the beach, the park, but most of all Chuck E Cheese!!!

How has he improved? He hardly gets sick!!! Which is such a relief. And when he does get sick now it goes away and doesn’t immediately come back. He no longer uses his nebulizer and I don’t give him any of the steroid medicine prescribed by the doctor. It is totally amazing the turnaround. We haven’t been to the emergency room since that night before we came to see Joni. We used to be there twice a month!

Words of encouragement to others: You need to try it! I was so tired of him always being sick and miserable and taking him to the emergency room twice a month so they can poke him in the legs with steroids to hopen his lungs. I figured if this doesn’t work, then that’s that, but I have nothing to lose. I wanted him to feel better and was willing to do anything to help him. Along with adjustments from Dr. Kroll (Dr. Joni’s husband) my son has made an amazing turnaround. I bring him in for chiropractic and acupuncture treatments once a month or if I feel he is getting a cold and so far so good. I thank both Dr. Joni and Dr. Kroll for changing not only my son’s life, but my family’s life. It works!!

Aloha K. (Mother) 2008

(Noah K., 3 year old son, started treatments with Dr. Joni at 2 years old)



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